The Poblacion site was formerly located across the river with the “Mamanwas” as the original inhabitants.  Later, pioneering families from Surigao, Cebu, Leyte and Bohol settled along the rich agricultural lands bordering the Hinaguimitan and Hinagnoyan rivers.  Bancas were the means of transportation used for transporting agricultural products to the town of Surigao.  With the construction of the National Highway linking Surigao to the outlaying southern municipalities, the Poblacion site was transferred to its present site.  It was during this time that “Bugkusan” was changed to Sison in honor of Lieutenant Daniel Sison for his commendable service in maintaining peace and order.       

       The ancient name of the municipality of Sison was “Bugkusan” which means, “to tie or bind together”.  The name signifies the desire of the people to unite, to bind them together to establish a community.  

        “Pursuant” to the provision of Section 68 of the Revised Administration code, and upon the recommendation of the Provincial Board of Surigao, the barrios of Sison, Dakung Patag, Biyabid, Mayag, Tagbayani, and Mabuhay, together with their sitios, all of the municipality of Surigao, province of Surigao del Norte, are hereby segregated from the said municipality of Sison with seat of government at the Barrio of Sison.

        Thus, reads the introductory statement of Executive Order No. 357, creating the municipality of Sison in the province of Surigao del Norte.  This order was signed in the 15th day of September, in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred fifty-nine, by then President of the Republic of the Philippines, Carlos P. Garcia, and took effect not earlier than January 1, 1960.

         From then on, Sison progressed considerably under the leadership of the following mayors:

            Hon. Pelagrio Orillo (Appointed)                                               1960 – 1963

            Hon. Bienvenido Tecson (Elected)                                             1964 – 1965

            Hon. Josefino O. Calang (By succession)                                   1965 – 1967

            Hon. Josefino O. Calang (Elected)                                              1968 – 1971

            Hon. Antedio A. Parpan (Elected)                                              1972 – 1980

            Hon. Antonio M. Fetalvero (Elected)                                         1980 – 1986

            Hon. Domingo A. Leyson (Appointed)                 April 1986–March 1987

            Hon. Alfonso P. Desoloc, Jr. (Appointed)                 April 1987–Nov. 1987

            Hon. Adolfo B. Pantilo, Sr. (Elected)                     April1988 -March 1998

            Hon. Leah L. Pagobo (by succession)                       April 1998-June 1998

            Hon. Joselito L. Calang (Elected)                              July 1998 – July 2001

            Hon. Juancho T. Maturan( Elected)                          July 2001 – June 2007

            Hon. Leicester P. Fetalvero (Elected)                       July 2007 – June 2016

            Hon. Karissa R. Fetalvero-Paronia                            July 2016 – June 2019

         Hon. Pelagio Orillo was the first appointed Mayor.  He was credited with the organization and able handling of the government machinery during its fantasy stage.  During the 1964 election, Hon. BienvenidoTecson was elected to office but his administration was cut short due to his untimely death.  By virtue of the rule of succession, Hon. Josefino O. Calang, who was the Vice Mayor at that time, took over.  Hon. Josefino O. Calang got elected in the 1968 election.

        On September 21, 1972, Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Martial Law.  Hon. Antedio A. Parpan was then the incumbent mayor, and for eight years, no election was called, until January 30, 1980.  Hon. Antonio Fetalvero got elected on the said election, and until the revolutionary form of government was formed through the event of the EDSA Revolution that ousted President Marcos and proclaimed President Corazon C. Aquino, that was on February 1986.  Some local government Chief Executives were replaced by Officers-in-charge.  Hon. Domingo C. Leyson was appointed as OIC Mayor from April 16, 1986 to March 1987, and Hon. Alfonso P. Desoloc, Jr., as OIC Mayor from April 1987 to November 1987.

        Hon. Adolfo B. Pantilo, Sr. was proclaimed Mayor during the 1988 election.  He was re-elected twice last 1992 and 1995 elections.  Hon. Leah L. Pagobo was appointed, by law of succession, as the Municipal Mayor from April 1998 to June 1998 upon the resignation of Hon. Adolfo B. Pantilo, Sr. who aspired for a seat in the SangguniangPanlalawigan.  Hon. Joselito L. Calang assumed the mayorial seat last July 1998 after he won the 1998 election. Next to handle the Executive Office of the Municipality of Sison during the election year 2001 was Mayor Juancho T. Maturan, and re-elected year 2004, but lost during the 2007 election.

        Hon. Leicester P. Fetalvero was proclaimed Mayor during the 2007 election, and thereafter re-elected twice during the 2010 and 2013 elections respectively.

        During the May 2016 national and local election, Hon. Karissa R. Fetalvero-Paronia won the political race as the Municipal Mayor of Sison for 2016-2019 and was installed last June 30, 2016. She is the first woman local chief executive in the political history of the municipality of Sison.