The municipality of Sison is one of the 11 municipalities in the mainland of Surigao del Norte.  It is bounded on the east by the municipalities of Placer and Tagana-an; on the west by the municipality of Malimono; on the north by the City of Surigao; and on the south by the municipality of Mainit.  It lies between 9° 38’ and 9° 41’ north latitude.

“Beginning from the point of the peak of Mount Tendido and marked (A) on the plan, describes an imaginary straight line about 40° northeast traversing the point where Calang Creek intersects with Surigao – Bad-as Road at Km 15, marked (X) on the plan, to the point at the backdrop of Mount Hinaksoan, marked (B) on the plan, thence follow a course about 750 southeast traversing the peak of Mount Mandilibid, to its point of intersection with the existing boundary line between the mother municipality of Surigao and the Municipality of Tagana-an, and marked (C) on the plan; thence follow same and existing boundary line to the point where a cone marker 15 is located, at point where marked (D) on the plan at Km. 22 along the Surigao – Bad-as Road; thence follow same line to the point of common intersection with other boundary lines, and market (E) on the plan; and thence northward following the existing boundary line which separates this part of the mother municipality with the municipality of Anao-aon to point of beginning.”

The described geographical boundaries of Sison are taken from the technical description creating the municipality of Sison through Executive Order No. 357. This executive order was signed last September 15, 1959 by then President of the Republic of the Philippines, His Excellency Carlos P. Garcia, and took effect not earlier than January 1, 1960.

The municipality comprises 12 barangays, three of these are urban barangays located along the National Highway, namely; 1. San Pedro, which is the poblacion barangay where the urban center is located, 2. San Pablo, the adjacent barangay of the Poblacion and 3. Mabuhay, which is adjacent to Surigao City, while five barangays are located  going to the south-west; San Isidro, Tagbayani, Ima, Mayag and Gacepan, three barangays in the south; Lower Patag, Upper Patag and Biyabed, and Tinogpahan is located in the eastern part of Sison.