The Local Government Unit of Sison is constantly aspiring for the development of tourism in the municipality. However, Eco-tourism  is not yet fully implemented due to financial constraints and other hindrances and  still in its potential status.

The LGU of Sison had started to develop the agricultural complex area owned by the LGU to attain the Agri-tourism activity in the municipality. Agriculture Tourism is aimed to show case  a new environmental-friendly tourism activity.

The following is the list of development agricultural projects to be put up in the agricultural complex:

  1. Perimeter fencing of the 18 hectares agri-complex area to secure the area
  2. Standard Plant Nursery
  3. Breeding center for swine
  4. Goat and cattle dairy farm (to produce dairy products)
  5. Farmers’ Training Center (to cater trainings and seminars relating agri-industry activities)
  6. Fresh water fish ponds
  7. Ecological Park to include the following:
    • Vermi house
    • Standard MRF
    • Composting Area
    • Secured Residual wastes area
    • Orchard
    • Mini Forest/ Tree park
    • Slope Agriculture Land Technology (SALT)
    • Other facilities related to agriculture technology and promote farming techniques in organic farming.

Potential Tourist Attractions in the Locality

Name of Potential Tourist Attraction     Potential Attraction   Location  
Seven stages waterfalls   Waterfalls, trail hiking, cliff climbing, river trekking & diving Brgy.Biyabid    
Mt. Kanyagtiw   Mountain trail hike   Brgy. Mayag  
Tinogpahan Falls   Waterfalls Brgy. San Pablo  
Mabuhay hot spring   Wellness spring Brgy. Mabuhay  

Sison Tourism Office